Power Distribution Board

We undertake the manufacturing of the Power Distribution Board, both for high tension as well as the low tension power distribution. We use high quality switches and changeovers for these boards. These power distribution boards are made in accordance to the electrical board's regulations and the client's power requirement. The display panels on these power distribution boards display all the relevant information and the control panel ensures proper handling. Our ability to customize power distribution boards according to the requirements of different industries has made us numero uno.

Attributes :
  • Main source of power distribution in an industrial or commercial plant,
  • Inducted by cables/ bus ducts
  • Through main incomer ACB/ MCCB or SFU etc.
  • Multifunction meter
  • Indicators are provided on incomer & as well as on outgoing feeder
  • Custom built product

Applications :
  • Apartment
  • Steel industries
  • Cement industries
  • Power plant