Soft Starter Panel

We supply qualitative MV Soft Starter panels that are used to eliminate the high in rush current and start-up torque on every start. MV Soft Starter panels, offered by us, provide starting parameters that increase the life of heavy-duty compressor & blower, ID/FD, fans, chillers, coolers and pumps. We use premium electrical components, compressors, motors and allied material for the fabrication process. The soft starter panels are incorporating with motor protection device/relay as RS 485 communicable with overload, under current ground fault current imbalance over temperature package.

Attributes :
  • Eliminates the high in rush current
  • Starts-up torque on every start
  • Increase the life of heavy-duty machines
  • Incorporated with motor protection device

Used for :
  • Powering AC motors in fixed speed applications
  • Slope down whenever heavy dynamic loads are detected
  • Prevents loss of wear and tear
  • Heavy friction

Applications :
  • Sugar mills
  • Cogen plant
  • Industries
  • Refineries